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mondayWoot! The hallway is coming along great! For the most part, it is done. But I really want to add some special touches to make it ours.

So, here is a run down.

  • Repaint the top of the hallway.
  • Hang all the frames to make a wall scrapbook.
  • Change out door knobs to rubbed bronze.
  • Hang mirror at end of hallway.
  • Replace door hinges with rubbed bronze hinges.
  • Repaint trim.
  • Lay rug/runner with carpet pad.
  • Find console table & add some vases, etc.
  • Hang kids artwork in artwork display frames.
  • Replace base boards.
  • Trim bottom of doors so that they glide over rugs.
  • Replace drawer pulls on linen closet.
  • Install shelf liner in linen closet.
  • Plan and organize linen closet.

I also want to do some organization and fun stuff with the hall closet, being that we only use it to store winter coats, games, and our guitar hero guitars, lol. I also have an old Atari in there, if you can believe it.


Here we have my system for placement of the photos. Now I didn’t end up with this exact placement, mainly because my Target didn’t have all of the 5×7 frames I needed, and I pretty much cleared them out of all other white frames. I bought a couple at Walmart, but they were way more expensive than Target, believe it or not. I cut pieces of paper to reflect the size of my frames, and then just taped them up with painters tape until I got the desired look. Then, I measured from the frame top to the hook, and then nailed it into the white paper. From then, I just peeled off the paper and hung the frame.



Here is a shot of all the frames waiting to be hung.



And here is the finished product. I LOVE the console at the end of the hall with the gorgeous round mirror. It is the perfect size as to not get in the way during night time potty trips.


I hung some random art, a card I absolutely love, and our handmade ornaments that reflect each of the homes we have lived in.  All of our family photos are hung here, along with a few baby pictures and random things we have collected over the years.IMG_0984


The wall above pays homage to Mike and me as a couple. I’d like to add our wedding invite, and some other fun stuff that I know is somewhere safe. Don’t you hate it when you know you have it and don’t want to dig? That card with the skeletons is one of my favorites, from my in-laws. It says “til death do us part is for quitters”. The 3 way frame has a hankie from the wedding, some buttons that we collected, and had Mike’s boutonniere, but I have since decided that those are too fragile, and am going to replace it with a window box.


These two walls are strictly for the girls, plus a little of us as a family. I love the frames with their ID bracelets and newborn pictures. There are also two ornaments on this wall from our other houses, and their clay handprints. The portrait in the middle was made by a friend from Instagram and it is one of my favorite pieces. On the right, we have some fun photos of mainly Olivia, plus the girls sonogram pictures.

IMG_0980 IMG_0981


Here is a very flattering view of our runner, but I wanted to show you how we used two small runners to line the hall. It gives it some flair, and I love the pattern, but unfortunately, as with many dhurrie rugs, they don’t line up exactly, so we were unable to join them. So we just made a break in them. Do you think this looks funny? Would love an opinion.



I will definitely source out this week, and also give you a sneak peek of the hall linen closet. Transforming even the inside of our cabinets and drawers is high on my priority list!

Til tomorrow!

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