Style files: So what’s in that bag?


Coach Purse: This is similar in size to the one I am currently carrying, although they no longer sell my beautiful lavender purse.

Hobo Wallet: once you go Hobo, you never go back. I have two. Trust me when I say these can hold it all. I often carry the night’s take in my wallet, and this will hold a wad of cash waiting for deposit.

Chapstick: I subscribe to BirchBox and currently was given a sample of this chapstick. I LOVE IT!

Small toiletries bag with essentials: I got this as a stocking stuffer one year, and I keep all the essentials, feminine products, bandaids, shout wipes, medicine, etc.

Ear buds: I currently am donning the buds that came with my new iPhone, but am really looking into getting a new pair. I love these pink ones.

iPhone 5s in Gold: Yep. My hubby is a winner, and I now own a gorgeous gold iPhone. Maybe one day I will tell you our trick for never paying for a new phone.

iPhone 5s case: With that beautiful new phone listed above, I need something strong enough to protect it against the kids, and well, lets face it, me. This is my go to case by Otterbox, although lately I have been looking into the Mophi cases.

Notepad: I love my Moleskin, and recently bought a Target brand one. They aren’t the same. I will be buying a new one soon to replace the cheap knock-off.

Pens: My husband never wants to steal my pink pens. However, customers do, so these stay in my purse.

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