It’s Book Fair Time!

Today, I spent most of the day volunteering at Olivia’s school for their annual book fair. I have to say, this is one of my favorite things to do. I mean, I get to see kids all day long, coming in and out, enjoying looking at books and having free time to explore new interests and subjects they might not have at home. And I LOVE helping them navigate the chapter books, the reference books, the activity books, and so much more.

It was really hard to choose what to buy and what to leave… I will admit… and there was an EXCELLENT selection of books for adults. So I thought I would share some of the books we bought today (on day 2 of book fair… which means there is a good chance I will be buying more).

The Usborne Art Activity Book would have to be one of my favorites I bought today. Through painting, doodling, puzzles, and stickers, Olivia (and I) will be able to explore artists such as Renoir, Paul Klee, Rousseau, and Titian. I am so excited about this. My week is not complete without teaching or learning more about art.

The Crayons’ Book  of Numbers is Stella’s new favorite book! We have read it twice already, and currently she is asking me to go to bed so we can read it again! I love the original of this book, so I am excited to teach her about numbers in such a creative way.

Lonely Planet’s Not for Parents: U.S.A. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know is such a fun book. Each page has facts about our nation such as “Alaska is three times the size of France.” Or, “Did you know that birds have the right of way in Nebraska?” We have vowed to read a new page each night.


When Olivia showed me this book, she asked me if it was simply “about sewing.” Oh, darling, there is so much more to this amazing woman, as described in this book by Ma Isabel Sanchez Vegara, Little People Big Dreams, Coco Chanel.

I did manage to get a couple of really awesome cookbooks, one in particular I purchased because I am a HUGE fan of local chefs. My own hometown has an amazing book titled The San Luis Obispo Farmers’ Market Cookbook, so I was excited to see one for the LA area.


This book is simply gorgeous. The pictures, the food… I can’t wait to try out the Farmers’ Market Risotto, now that I have actually ventured into the risotto making area. Definitely buy The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook, even if it is just to impress your friends with a good coffee table book.

I bought a few other books, including a cookbook for kids, that I will be referencing in  some upcoming posts. I actually am hoping to post about an amazing opportunity for Olivia to go and use her new cookbook and tools at a Valentine’s Day cooking class!

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