Her name is Lola, she was a show girl…

Well we took the plunge. Dora the Explorer is no longer a family member of ours. We knew we had to get a new car soon. Dora’s miles were increasing rapidly every day, and were looking for something specific.

Here were our requirements:

1. Quad bucket seats. With the girls’ car seats, and sometimes hauling their friends or family around, we needed something that was easy for people to get in and out of- like a minivan without the van part.

2. We wanted leather (easier upkeep with the kidlets).

3. We needed a third row seat. See #1

4. Under 50,000. We plan on keeping this car as long as we had Dora, so miles were HUGE.

Here were definite perks:

1. Navigation/DVD player.

2. White. Dora is black, and when I go to work I park in a dirt lot. No bueno.

3. I wanted bells and whistles such as an electronic liftgate, heated seats. These were just extras that make long drives worth it.

So here are the cars that we found that would fit our bill and what we like dislike about each one.

Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer: keypad entry. If you haven’t had this yet, you are missing out. I’m so sad that I won’t have it anymore. However, not one lot that we went to could show us an Explorer with quad buckets, and they wanted us to commit to buying new and ordering one. $42,000? No thank you.


Chevy Tahoe: We had said for years that we would be moving up to this when we bought our next car. Problem is, the price tag. I can’t justify paying more for my car than my child’s education, and these cars are expensive.


Chevy Traverse: we loved that this was a step down from the Tahoe. It had all of the requirements that we loved in the Tahoe, at almost HALF the price. I love that it drove like a car, but had all of the amenities of an SUV.


GMC Acadia: this is the GMC version of the Traverse. I absolutely loved this car as well, but it is a bite more expensive than the Traverse.


Buick Enclave: this is also the same as the Traverse, but the Buick version. Comes with a hefty price tag, but was a good alternative to the Traverse considering there were more on the used car market than there were of the Chevy.


Dodge Durango: I can’t even tell you because they didn’t even have the model on the lot. Geez.

santa fe

Hyundai Santa Fe: Again, didn’t have the model on the lot. WTH? I’m not ordering a car that I have never driven before.

Can you guess what we chose? We chose the Traverse!

Problem: we wanted to buy used and there are very few used ones on the market. We actually almost got suckered into buying brand-new but realized it was way out of our budget. We were acting strictly on emotions of having to search for this car. This is where our intentionality comes into play. We decided to sit on it and research and find the perfect car. We knew we were getting our tax return back soon and would be able to put a hefty down payment on it. Plus the idea that we could trade in the Explorer, we could get exactly what we wanted. This was very important to us because we really only want to have one car payment. I can definitely see us growing up a little bit.

So along came our car, the one we had been waiting for, a white Chevy Traverse… all the way down in Culver City. We knew we had to act on it because it was below bluebook and exactly what we wanted which we had failed to find even within 180 mile radius of our town.

So we are growing up. Hubby and I talked about it a lot and did our research. And in the end, I love my new car.


Please meet Lola. She’s going to make her first showgirl appearance in Las Vegas this weekend when hubby takes her on his annual boys weekend. Eeek!

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