Happy Bert-day Hubs!

Hey everyone! Soooo…. The end of this week marks my husband’s thirty… something… birthday.

Michael Baby

Hey. If I told you how old he was, you would then know how old I am. Plus, I am older than him, so of course I often question my youth when his birthday comes along. I didn’t tell you I’m older than him? On a good day, like any day between October and March, we are just 1 year apart. But for those six+ months involving summer, I have to say that I am TWO years older…I’m babbling….

Anyways, I try to make birthdays really special around here. Once, on a Monday night football, I went to the store and bought all of his favorite beers, candy, made his favorite dinner, and then told him to plop on the couch and enjoy the rest of the evening.


We have since then made it a tradition to go out with friends, though, and each couple brings a bottle of wine. This year, we have chosen an AMAZING restaurant about 45 minutes from our home, but well worth it. They specialize in all very FRESH and sustainable food, flatbreads, homemade desserts… don’t worry. Check out my instagram on Friday. I am sure you will see every dish on there.

I also have some great posts coming up this week centering around birthdays for him. Look forward to great gifts, recipes and styles all centered around him. Don’t worry, I also have a great post coming up on what I’ve been doing on my weight loss journey… stay tuned!

Thanks for being here ☺

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  1. Jamie says:

    Oh wow!!! Look at how much S looks like her daddy!!

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