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Her name is Lola, she was a show girl…

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Well we took the plunge. Dora the Explorer is no longer a family member of ours. We knew we had to get a new car soon. Dora’s miles were increasing rapidly every day, and were looking for something specific.

Here were our requirements:

1. Quad bucket seats. With the girls’ car seats, and sometimes hauling their friends or family around, we needed something that was easy for people to get in and out of- like a minivan without the van part.

2. We wanted leather (easier upkeep with the kidlets).

3. We needed a third row seat. See #1

4. Under 50,000. We plan on keeping this car as long as we had Dora, so miles were HUGE.

Here were definite perks:

1. Navigation/DVD player.

2. White. Dora is black, and when I go to work I park in a dirt lot. No bueno.

3. I wanted bells and whistles such as an electronic liftgate, heated seats. These were just extras that make long drives worth it.

So here are the cars that we found that would fit our bill and what we like dislike about each one.

Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer: keypad entry. If you haven’t had this yet, you are missing out. I’m so sad that I won’t have it anymore. However, not one lot that we went to could show us an Explorer with quad buckets, and they wanted us to commit to buying new and ordering one. $42,000? No thank you.


Chevy Tahoe: We had said for years that we would be moving up to this when we bought our next car. Problem is, the price tag. I can’t justify paying more for my car than my child’s education, and these cars are expensive.


Chevy Traverse: we loved that this was a step down from the Tahoe. It had all of the requirements that we loved in the Tahoe, at almost HALF the price. I love that it drove like a car, but had all of the amenities of an SUV.


GMC Acadia: this is the GMC version of the Traverse. I absolutely loved this car as well, but it is a bite more expensive than the Traverse.


Buick Enclave: this is also the same as the Traverse, but the Buick version. Comes with a hefty price tag, but was a good alternative to the Traverse considering there were more on the used car market than there were of the Chevy.


Dodge Durango: I can’t even tell you because they didn’t even have the model on the lot. Geez.

santa fe

Hyundai Santa Fe: Again, didn’t have the model on the lot. WTH? I’m not ordering a car that I have never driven before.

Can you guess what we chose? We chose the Traverse!

Problem: we wanted to buy used and there are very few used ones on the market. We actually almost got suckered into buying brand-new but realized it was way out of our budget. We were acting strictly on emotions of having to search for this car. This is where our intentionality comes into play. We decided to sit on it and research and find the perfect car. We knew we were getting our tax return back soon and would be able to put a hefty down payment on it. Plus the idea that we could trade in the Explorer, we could get exactly what we wanted. This was very important to us because we really only want to have one car payment. I can definitely see us growing up a little bit.

So along came our car, the one we had been waiting for, a white Chevy Traverse… all the way down in Culver City. We knew we had to act on it because it was below bluebook and exactly what we wanted which we had failed to find even within 180 mile radius of our town.

So we are growing up. Hubby and I talked about it a lot and did our research. And in the end, I love my new car.


Please meet Lola. She’s going to make her first showgirl appearance in Las Vegas this weekend when hubby takes her on his annual boys weekend. Eeek!

A Sparkly Family Photo Shoot

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013



In a few weeks, we will be having our Christmas photo shoot. I am so excited to have our pictures taken as a family of 4! I really like to theme our outfits, having colors consistent throughout each family member.

For Mom:

For Dad:
For Big Sister:
For Little Sister:

Style files: So what’s in that bag?

Thursday, October 24th, 2013


Coach Purse: This is similar in size to the one I am currently carrying, although they no longer sell my beautiful lavender purse.

Hobo Wallet: once you go Hobo, you never go back. I have two. Trust me when I say these can hold it all. I often carry the night’s take in my wallet, and this will hold a wad of cash waiting for deposit.

Chapstick: I subscribe to BirchBox and currently was given a sample of this chapstick. I LOVE IT!

Small toiletries bag with essentials: I got this as a stocking stuffer one year, and I keep all the essentials, feminine products, bandaids, shout wipes, medicine, etc.

Ear buds: I currently am donning the buds that came with my new iPhone, but am really looking into getting a new pair. I love these pink ones.

iPhone 5s in Gold: Yep. My hubby is a winner, and I now own a gorgeous gold iPhone. Maybe one day I will tell you our trick for never paying for a new phone.

iPhone 5s case: With that beautiful new phone listed above, I need something strong enough to protect it against the kids, and well, lets face it, me. This is my go to case by Otterbox, although lately I have been looking into the Mophi cases.

Notepad: I love my Moleskin, and recently bought a Target brand one. They aren’t the same. I will be buying a new one soon to replace the cheap knock-off.

Pens: My husband never wants to steal my pink pens. However, customers do, so these stay in my purse.

Top 10 Tuesday: My fave bags right now

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Bags to love


1. Gap Leather Bag This is definitely an every day style for me. I can see myself donning this in spring or fall. At 40% off right now, a definite steal.

2. Orla Kiely Cachet Bag I am in love with this bag. I love all that Orla Kiely produces though (have you seen her backyard?)

3. Delmare Shopping Bag I love the functionality of this bag, being able to adjust. A good alternative for carrying baby things as well, or as a toddler bag. I also love the price point.

4. Kate Spade Stevie Baby Bag I have wanted this baby bag for as long as I can remember. It has yet to grace my arm.

5. Tassel Top Hobo This also is a great price point, and fits into that boho chic category but has clean enough lines to dress up as well.

6. Small Carryall from WILL  This bag is fantastic. I would probably use it to bring on the road with snacks, lunches, Stella’s play blanket & toys.

7. Handmade tote from CrazyBoy My friend Nicole (I love to call her that although we never have met) posted this on her blog, Making It Lovely, and I have had it pinned in Pinterest for quite some time.

8. Notting Hill Bow Tote How adorable is this? I see it with a nice denim tunic, leggings, and my Frye boots.

9. Coach Soft Legacy Bag I am a Coach fan. No question about that. But I have been veering away a little for style points. However, you can always rely upon Coach’s quality.

10. Dooney & Bourke: Oberland Sac I like the classic lines of this bag, and the pop of color. This would definitely be filed under my “mommy bags” though.

Top 10 Tuesday: Fall Scarves

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Indigo Blue is really calling my name this season, and I am seeing shades of blue everywhere in trends for the cold weather. Here are a few faves for any wallet.Top 10 Fall Scarves


1. Speckled Lights Infinity Scarf  

2. Crochet Ribbed Cowl

3. Dots & Stripes Scarf 

4. St. Andrew’s Scarf

5. Stage Door Circle Scarf 

6. Ticino Infinity Scarf

7. Laura’s Loop Sweater Shawl 

8. Midterms of Endearment Scarf 

9. Classic Rebozo Scarf

10. Shauna Printed Scarf

Top 10 Tuesday: Geeky Husband Gifts

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013


1. Swiss Army USB

2. Vintage Scrabble Gam

3. Xbox One

4. Game of Thrones Mugs

5. iPod Wooden Alarm Clock

6. Original Simon Game

7. BBQ Tool Briefcase

8. Star Wars Print

9. Traumatize Your Children

10. The Ultimate Birthday Machine… BMW M5

Friday Finds

Friday, September 27th, 2013


These colors from Benjamin Moore and Young House Love


This table from none other than World Market


This tutorial for awesome vintage hairstyles… if you don’t follow The Glamorous Housewife yet, you must.


This amazing terrarium… My geeky-cheeky husband would love it.


Pumpkin Pie ice cream. Yummo! Want to try and make it yourself? Try this recipe!

And last but not least, a little humor (or a lot in my case) #laughedtilIpeed

Style Files

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

I am feeling fall right now. Well, here in California we have a late summer, so not that much of fall, but I want to feel fall! Earlier this week I posted my top 10 boots. I have these amazing Frye boots, that I love.

Here are 4 ways I would love to use them this fall.


Colors Of Fall



Creamy Tan
"It's been a lot of change

Top 10 Tuesday

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013


1. Trust in Me Riding Boot

2. Rugged Lace Front Boot

3. 3-layer Fringe Boot

4. Paige Tall Riding Boot

5. Veronica Slouch Boot

6. Just Trekkin-in Boots

7. Huntress Rain Boot

8. Drover Slinger Mid-Boots

9. Cognac Combat Boots

10. Netta Boot in London Gray

Also, Piperlime is having a 20% off sitewide sale. RUN! Grab yourself a pair of must-have/go-to boots for the fall.