Another setback.

I wasn’t going to write this, or share this part of it with all of you. Yes, you obviously have gathered by now that I was looking into having some type of gastric surgery for my weight loss. And if I didn’t tell you personally, I’m sorry. It’s a hard pill to swallow, and I have been met with mixed opinions.

I had my pre-op this week. If all went well, my surgery was scheduled for next Monday. You read that right- next Monday! It is a minimally invasive surgery, so outpatient based, and I basically just spend the night and then am discharged. Things obviously didn’t go as planned.

My insurance company is going to deny me- that’s what my doctor has explained to me. I have had every test known done, and, unfortunately, I am healthy. Yep. I don’t have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, or even sleep apnea. Which I was sure I did, considering how tired I am during the day. Nope- turns out I just have kids.

Then there is my weight. Technically I am considered in the light-weight-obese category. Didn’t know that existed, did ya. So my BMI is 35%-39% and doesn’t hit the 40% mark. So I qualify IF I have one of the ailments above. So if I want to have surgery, I either have to gain weight or develop one of those awful obese related diseases above. And if I’m really lucky, maybe I will gain the 30 lbs I need to for surgery AND develop one of these diseases. My doctor’s office is having me meet with a dietitian once a month for the next 5 months, and they said that we can make a case to the insurance company that based on my history and the supervised diet of a doctor’s office, I would really benefit from this surgery.

It’s frustrating. I want to be able to have this done so that I can DO SOMETHING about my weight, and yet the doctor and insurance company say just stay the way you are for 6 more months. It is even more frustrating seeing people come in who don’t really take the surgery seriously, but see it as an easy way out instead of a tool, and you know won’t be successful.

My mom told me to “take this opportunity” to cut carbs and really lose weight. It was gut wrenching for her to say that. When you get to the point I have, the last thing you want is for someone to come along and undermine the seriousness of the problem.

So for now, I guess I better go looking for some plus sized outfit to wear for my Christmas photos…

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  1. Cyndie Smith says:

    Awww no. I’m so sorry. That is incredibly terrible and so frustrating! I know how serious this is and how much of an issue it is for you. Luckily though, you have a doctor who is willing to fight for you to get this surgery. I know you wanted to have it done before the holidays, but hopefully in 6 months it will happen with your doctor’s help.

    What your mom said is incredibly insensitive. It’s not like you haven’t been trying to do that already. Her statement really shows the disconnect she has with being able to be supportive. I know it was very painful for me to hear those comments, so I can imagine how you feel. Although, some people in dad’s family are not known for their supportive nature. I don’t know why people have to make mean and insensitive comments instead of being supportive. Just because they don’t agree or believe in something doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

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