Who writes this thing?

Alisa is a stay at home mom living in Southern California. Being a housewife is actually her passion, and finding ways to spice it up is often a challenge. Often times, her family members will ask, “you are painting the living room again?” She has decided to make this a challenge. To be intentional in each thing she does, so that when she looks back on it, she knew how she got there and is proud. She is challenging you to do the same.


The Intentional Housewife team consists of Alisa, content provider; her husband, Mike, technical efficiency expert, and two daughters, Olivia, who is 4, and Stella, 6 months. Olivia, our executive assistant, often keeps us on schedule and acts as a human hard drive, remembering what we can’t anymore. Stella is our comedian and director of all things related to sleep.


intentional [ɪnˈtɛnʃənəl]


1. performed by or expressing intention; deliberate
2. of or relating to intention or purpose