A surgery update.

I have a surgery date! Yep! I won’t divulge the date, but suffice to say, it will be a busy spring. Since our last talk, I have had so much progress in this journey to acquire this tool. I say that, because that is just what this is. A tool in my weight loss journey. First off, I decided to get an opinion from a different doctor. The main reason was that I was traveling an hour and a half from home just to attend all of my appointments. This was so hard on the girls, and on those that were helping me out. My new surgeon is 20 minutes away, and I am so happy with his office! He is professional, diligent, and wants to make sure that I am prepared for the whole picture as to what this surgery will encompass.

The first visit was surreal. His office is located in the Mission Hope Cancer Center, and I’m guessing he is the only non-cancer-type-doctor in the building. His wait room is shared with a breast surgeon, which is even more surreal, and something I am sure I will be talking with you about more in the future. Anyways, back to my visit, I rode up the elevator to my surgeons office with a woman who was headed to the “3rd floor”, which is where the chemotherapy treatments are given. I actually mentioned this to my nurse, about how this surgery has opened my eyes to others, and how God is so good to me. I will remember this each and every time I go to this office, and embrace it. It was just another reassurance that I am doing this surgery for my health, and not just to “look better.” I think God was testing me a little to see if I knew the true reasons to go through this surgery.

Well, I passed all of my doctor’s tests, and he said I am an excellent candidate for this surgery. Although I kinda knew this, it is always so nice to talk to an actual doctor who believes in me and knows I can be successful.

What’s next?

I have a few more hurdles to pass through… a bone density scan (remember that crazy contraption from the movie The Pursuit of Happyness”?), a primary physician statement, and a few other record sent over. After that, we can start pursuing insurance and getting me approved (which I have been assured won’t be a problem). In the mean time, I have lots to get ready for, and things I hope to share with you here! Stella’s 1st birthday, her baptism, a special trip for Olivia coming up, the pursuit of a new-used car, and many changes to my diet, recipes, and crafts.

I hope you will keep reading, and we can start this new year together.


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