A letter to my future self.

Dear Alisa,

I hope you have grown over the last few years. This is the time period where growth is so important. I hope you have become on the inside what you want to show to the world on the outside. That you have become beautiful on the outside and radiate that on the inside.

Please tell me you have been content with what God has given you. Realize your husband is absolutely fantastic, and he would do anything for you. You have two beautiful girls who adore you and I hope that you are not taking a single day for granted as long as you are with them. Enjoy their love and foster that. Don’t nag them too much or punish them for coming to confide in you. Cherish that and teach them that you will always be there for them through life’s challenges.

Are you keeping up with those family traditions? I know how much you love to foster those in your life. I hope you are following through with them and teaching your children what family is all about.

I hope you have followed some personal goals of going back to school and furthering your education. Do you still want to teach? Counsel young children? I hope you are giving everything to God and you are letting him guide you through life.

If this comes at a time when life has gotten you down, remember that God will only give you what you can handle. It may seem way out of bounds and tough to deal with, but trust me, you will get through it. You got through it with Olivia and her colic, and you got through it with Stella and her reflux.  You are a strong person and sometimes you tend to forget that.

No one can love you as I love you.

Alisa, age 35.


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