22 minutes is all I get.

So apparently we only have 22 minutes of focus a day on one specific task. That is what studies are showing (what studies? I don’t know, this is second hand information). But this sounds about right to me. I can sit for about twenty minutes on a project, get easily bored or distracted (after all, I have a 7 month old) and therefore I have a million and one unfinished projects throughout the house and my life. I have decided to do something about those.

You know me, I love lists. So here is another one for you. This one hones in on the inside of this house. I haven’t added the bedrooms to this list, well, because this list is overwhelming as it is. Problem with this list is that it requires a lot of dough, so it will be slow going, but hopefully over the next year we will see it slowly diminish. Ok, let’s be realistic. It will never diminish, there is always something to do for someone like me. It’s my nature do so.

So instead of saying that I’m going to give up on a certain project because it is unattainable, I am just simply going to simplify it. This list may not look simplified, but when broken up, can definitely be conquered. So stay tuned!

The Master House List (aka Listy-McListerson via YoungHouseLove)

Living Room

  • Paint fireplace
  • Repaint living room
  • Replace ceiling fan
  • Install lighting above dining room table
  • Touch up trim/finish painting trim
  • Install curtains and sheers
  • New fireplace screen
  • New rug for dining room
  • New benches/chairs for living room
  • Replace/renovate current furniture
  • Decorate as needed


  • Finish painting trim
  • Repaint yellow that is on upper part of hallway to match LR
  • Repaint cabinets and add new hardware
  • Clean out hall closet & install closet organizer
  • New light fixtures in hall
  • New carpet in hall (and bedrooms)


  • Finish trim on bench & paint
  • Install new sink & counters
  • Install organizers in all drawers
  • New rug in kitchen nook
  • New floors (maybe cork or laminate tiles?)
  • Install backsplash (maybe penny tile?)

Laundry Room

  • Clean pantry out & repaint & add new hardware
  • Repaint back door & install new dog door
  • Repaint utility closet, add shelves & make more user friendly
  • Install new floors (to match kitchen)
  • Make built ins to house washer & dryer
  • Make pet station
  • Paint cabinets white & install new hardware
  • Sew curtain for back window

Guest bathroom

  • Touch up paint
  • Install new floors (maybe hex tile?)
  • Find storage solutions for guests
  • Install new shower head
  • Install new toilet (currently has handicapped toilet)

Hall Bathroom

  • Paint
  • What to do with floor? Paint? (since bathroom will eventually be redone)
  • Install new toilet
  • New light fixture
  • Storage solutions – maybe frame out mirror?
  • Decorate

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